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Baja Blast Jello Jigglers







I took a much needed gelatin hiatus last week, and I ate a bunch of these instead. On one such occasion, I filled up my monster-gulp cup with some of Taco Bell’s exotic, Baja Blast, which is as far as I can tell just carbonated and watered down Margarita mix, which means that it is pretty good as a drink. I brought home this hue thing of bluey sugar water and forgot about it and all the ice melted which made it fairly undrinkable, so I figured the next best thing to do would be to turn it into Jello…I mean, why not, right?




I only had two packets of Knox left.





…so I drank “some” of the reserved drink.




poured in that gelatin mix, and it got really foamy.




still really foamy.




Then I realized that I had just poured boiling liquid into a cheap plastic cup, so I transferred the cup from the counter to inside of a bowl for safety




After much stirring, I threw this thing in the refrigerator, and tried to forget about it.
That was pretty hard, because I was really wanting to eat this thing.


Suddenly, I’m not so sure I want to eat this.



I really don’t ¬†know what those clumpy bits are on top.


oh god.







I’m reminded of the Agrocrag



The best photo ever taken, ever,




back in to the cup from whence you came! Twice. And…possibly into the garbage.



This wasn’t very good. The Jello was loose, and it had very little flavor. The flavor that I tasted the strongest was from one of those clumpy bits and it was the worst thing I have ever eaten in the history of food. It might have been clumped up “unflavored” gelatin, but I’m here to tell you that it did in fact have a flavor, and that flavor was awful.







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